Thursday, 25 August 2011

004 - Grilled Bacon Explosion Sandwich

After the success of the Bacon Explosion, we'd only actually managed to eat about half of it. So I was looking for something to do with the remaining half which was wrapped up in foil in my fridge. I happened to stumble across a YouTube video, with the most outrageous looking grilled cheese sandwich I've ever seen!

So, I set about making my own grilled bacon explosion sandwich.

They key to any grilled sandwich is to butter the bread on both sides, so that the outside edge of the bread partially fries rather than toasts and burns. I sliced the remaining bacon explosion into half-inch slices and added three slices to each sandwich.

I decided to have mine with extra BBQ sauce and cheese, while my other half wanted hers plain (not that the bacon explosion could ever be described as "plain" ..!)

My Smokey Joe still had some partially used briquettes in there from the last time I'd used it, so I set about relighting those because I'd only need a low heat for this.

Then I grilled the sandwiches, whole, over direct low heat. I kept the lid down to help raise the temperature of the grill, re-heating the meat and turning the cheese all gooey! In total I think I grilled it for roughly 7-8 minutes, turning once half way through.

The result, a tasty hot snack with a crunchy exterior and a lovely soft gooey interior. It makes me want to cook more meat than I need each time I barbecue, just so that I have some left-overs...


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