Friday, 26 August 2011

005 - Dirty BBQ Burgers!

As much as I love exploring new barbecue food, sometimes I still crave a good old dirty burger! Last night was one of those times when I didn't want to reach into the spice rack, and instead just opened the freezer and searched for that pack of frozen burgers that I knew was in there somewhere.

I decided I wanted a sort of ranch BBQ flavour going on, so I also dug out the bag of battered onion rings and threw a few in the oven. Then, from the fridge, some cheese slices (the sort you'll get in any dirty burger joint) and some cheap BBQ sauce... well I didn't want to waste the good stuff on this!

The Smokey Joe is my grill of choice for these small quick jobs, since it requires far fewer briquettes and can therefore be up to temperature a lot quicker.

While the burgers were sizzling away, I prepped the bread. Taking 2 rolls for each burger, I sliced a couple in half. Then, with the other rolls, I sliced the top and bottom thirds off - leaving only the crustless centre. A slice of cheese was then added to the bottom and centre sections of bread.

When the burgers were cooked, these were added on top of each slice of cheese. And finally a couple of onion rings were added to the top burger with a generous splodge of BBQ sauce.

And there we go, a good combination of grilled meat with the savoury cheese plus sweet onions and sauce. But more importantly, my craving for a dirty burger... satisfied!


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