Sunday, 28 August 2011

006 - Lamb Loin Chops with Uzbek Marinade

After the dirty burgers during the week, it was back to some more serious grilling on Saturday night. This recipe is from Weber's Complete BBQ Book, and calls for quite a few ingredients in the marinade.

The star of the show though would be some lovely lamb loin chops, fat removed. As I came to write this post, I was wracking my brain trying remember the last time I had cooked with lamb... and I couldn't actually remember ever using it! I don't even remember buying as much as a lamb burger! This is clearly a massive oversight on my part, and something I'll look to remedy as I continue on my quest to barbecue 100 things.
The recipe called for the use of a blender. But, since I don't own a blender at the moment and since most of the marinade is brushed off anyway, I just did the best I could with a knife and chopped everything very finely. I left the meat to marinade for a couple of hours, so the mix of spices and vinegar could work their magic.

Just as I was about to light up the coals, the clouds that had been hanging around all day decided to open up. Last year, I would have given up and turned the grill. But not this year! So up went the table parasol - these chops deserved charcoal and that's what they were going to get! In the reduced light, the briquettes had an even more satisfying glow...

Once the smokey joe was up to temperature, the marinade was brushed off the chops and they were laid on the hot grill with the lid closed.

I gave them roughly 8 minutes, turning a couple of times, which left them medium rare and nice pink and juicy in the middle.

We had them served with cous cous and salad. The chops were lovely - the marinade had definitely done its job, leaving just enough flavour on the outside to leave a mild spicy zing on your tongue, whilst still penetrating the meat, helping it stay juicy and tender. For my first attempt at lamb, I'm calling it a success and I'd certainly recommend the recipe. I'll definitely be trying more cuts of lamb in the future.


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