Monday, 8 August 2011

Weber Starter Chimney

It took me a while to decide what I should write about first. But it seemed right that I should kick things off with the starter chimney. It is after all, the first thing I always use before I start cooking..

I really can't rave about these things enough. I always struggled to get coals to light in the past, so in the end I resorted to those pre-soaked bags of charcoal that burn for about 10 minutes before giving up all of their heat. The end result was pretty rubbish barbecue food that usually tasted of paraffin.

Now, I've switched to buying charcoal briquettes and use the chimney above to light them. All you do is fill the chimney with as much or as little charcoal as you need, sit the whole thing over a couple of lit fire-starters, wait 20-30 minutes and... hey presto! Perfectly lit coals that will stay really hot for a very long time.

If there is one barbecue gadget that I would urge everyone to go out and buy, it would be one of these chimneys.


  1. I use this great product all the time!! I am not sure what I did before! Actually i know, I didn't have any fires!

    Good luck with your site!!

    Grilling with Rich

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  3. Always one of our top sellers. This is probably the best accessory Weber produce for charcoal grilling.

    Wow BBQ