Tuesday, 6 September 2011

007 - MOINK Balls

After tweeting about my Grilled Bacon Explosion Sandwich, made with some left overs, @RacksOfRuin got in touch to let me know about MOINK balls. He had made some "MOINK in the hole" wth some MOINK left overs.

Now, please excuse my ignorance, but I had never heard of MOINK - let alone MOINK in the hole!

Created by BBQGrail, a MOINK ball is a beef meatball (the MOO part), wrapped in bacon (the OINK part). Put them together and you have a MOINK! His original recipe can be found here: bbqgrail.com

For my attempt at a MOINK (apparently, it's only a MOINK if it's spelt in caps...), I was going to be using Sainsbury's standard beef meatballs, streaky unsmoked bacon, some Bad Byron's Butt Rub and some Bone Suckin Sauce to glaze.

Each piece of bacon is cut in half, wrapped around a single meatball and then secured with a cocktail stick. Once constructed, I dusted my impressive balls with some butt rub... (the opportunities for innuendo whilst barbecuing seem endless!). The construction process reminded me very much of Christmas, and pigs in blankets.

The MOINK are then smoked over indirect heat. I was going to be serving up slices of meatloaf in sandwiches that night, so arranged the balls around the main event.

It took between 45mins to an hour before I thought the bacon was suitably golden. And at that point I coated each MOINK in a layer of Bone Suckin Sauce. I then continued to cook over indirect heat for a further half an hour. I dosed each ball with another layer of sauce half way through, to make them extra sticky and glossy.

These little balls of beef and bacon are delicious! They reminded me of toffee apples from my childhood - but replace the fruit with meat, and replace the toffee with BBQ sauce! The perfect side dish for any BBQ, I'll certainly be doing them again. And next time I'll make sure I make extra, so I can try out RacksOfRuin's MOINK in the Hole.


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