Monday, 19 September 2011

012 - Bacon Wrapped Peppadews Stuffed With Cream Cheese

Last week, as I was tweeting with some fellow barbecue enthusiasts, somebody mentioned they would be making ABTs that weekend. I had absolutely no idea what ABTs were, but after a quick Google search I had my answer... Atomic Buffalo Turds! 
... I completely understand why they chose to abbreviate it - they don't sound very appetising do they?! :-)

Apparently, the name is derived from hot chicken wings nicknamed Atomic Buffalo Wings. Usually, these are made with jalapenos but as my girlfriend really isn't into spicy things, I decided to opt for peppadews for my first attempt. Peppadews are bred to still have the tangy spicy flavour, but without the after-burn that most chilies have. Playing on the safe side, I ordered the mild versions!

The peppadews come jarred in a pickling liquid, so first they need to be drained. The best way to do this is to place them face down on some kitchen towel. You could rinse them beforehand, but it's not essential.

Next, I piped some of the cream cheese into each of the peppadews. @timbossenger suggested I used a sandwich bag to pipe and this method worked really well. Then, each is wrapped in half a piece of streaky bacon (secured with a toothpick) before being dusted with some Bad Byron's Butt Rub - I love that stuff! :-)

Because they are quite delicate I smoked them in the disposable foil tray rather than transfer them directly to the cooking grate. I placed them over indirect heat, and added a handful of soaked woodchips to the coals every 15 minutes. After about 1 hour of cooking... voila, the perfect BBQ entre!

As I had some bacon left over, I also made some pigs in blankets and served them both with some macaroni cheese.

Juicy, creamy and sweet, we really enjoyed this version of the ABTs - all of the flavours mixed really well to create one perfect mouthful of peppery smokiness. I've ordered some jalapenos, so next time I'll go 50/50 peppadews and jalapenos and turn the heat up a little!


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