Tuesday, 22 November 2011

016 - Korean Style BBQ Steaks

I'd recently been shopping for American sweets from americansweets.co.uk and noticed that they also stocked a range of American food, including barbecue sauces! So I just couldn't resist adding a jar of Stubb's original to my order - you just don't seem to be able to buy this sort of sauce over here in the UK.

After browsing the Stubb's website for ideas I settled on their Korean Style Steaks recipe, and set about ordering the required ingredients. It was only when I came to actually cook the steaks that I realised that this particular recipe from the Stubb's website doesn't actually call for Stubb's sauce...! Talk about a missed marketing opportunity :-)

So the bottle of sauce went back into the cupboard, to be used another day - and I got on with number 16 in the list of 100 things to BBQ - Korean Style Steaks.

The marinade is made by mixing soy sauce, brown sugar, spring onions, sesame seeds and ginger. You'll end up with a really sticky, fragrant mixture that makes the kitchen smell absolutely amazing... if you weren't hungry before, you will be by the time you've smelt this! :-)

To help the marinade penetrate the meat, I trimmed the excess fat and scored each side of the steaks with shallow diagonal knife strokes. A sharp knife is helpful here as you want to slide the knife through keeping the rest of the steak as intact as possible. The steal are then left to marinade for a few hours, turning half way.

The grilling process is really simple for this recipe - you want a hot direct heat to get a nice caramelised outer crust, without having to over cook the steak. As I was only cooking 2 steaks, I opted to use my Weber Smokey Joe as this allowed me to use fewer coals while still getting the required high heat.

After 8-10 minutes with the lid closed and turning half way through the steaks were ready. Then, while they were resting, I poured the excess marinade into a saucepan, brought it up to the boil and left it to simmer for a few minutes so that it could be used as a serving sauce.

I served the steaks in slices, piled high on basmati rice with the extra sauce poured over. The oriental flavours come through strong, but you can still pick up some lovely subtle charcoal grill flavours on the meat. Absolutely delicious!

Now, what should I use that bottle of Stubbs for?! :-)


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