Sunday, 12 February 2012

BBQ in the snow!

Just a quick update, to share a couple of BBQ photos from last weekend. The idea of BBQing in the snow has always been a fun one, but in previous years I've just never gotten around to it. Either my BBQ was stuck at the back of the shed, or I'd have no charcoal... 

We've had a quite a mild winter in the UK this year so I was beginning to think we wouldn't have any snow and that yet another year would pass by with out a snow BBQ! So when snow was forecast for last weekend, I made sure I was ready to go. I even took the step of measuring the charcoal out into the starter chimney and left it ready in the garage! :-)

When Sunday morning came and the snow had arrived, I was up with the larks to light it! 

I chose to slow roast a pork leg joint that I'd picked up on the local market the previous day. It took 4 hours to cook, so gave me plenty of excuses to go out an tend to the BBQ in the snow. Great fun :-)


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