Wednesday, 7 March 2012

025 - Chicken Salad Pittas

So I'm a few months in to my quest to BBQ 100 things, and I'm already a quarter of the way through. Unusually for the UK at this time of year, the weather has been very mild – making me optimistic for a nice hot summer. This has put me in the mood for something a little fresher tasting, and this recipe fitted the bill perfectly. 

Number 25 of 100 things to BBQ – Chicken Salad Pittas. I found the recipe in Weber's Foolproof recipe book.

The recipe uses chicken thigh fillets, which with the help of the marinade hold up really well to the direct heat of the coals and stay really moist. If you're on a health kick, you could substitute these for chicken breasts, just be careful not to dry them out. Personally, I think thighs are much more flavourful.

The marinade is an tasty mix of lemon juice, olive oil, with a nice selection of fresh herbs and spices. The chicken is then left in the marinade for a few hours in the fridge.

The charcoal I'd used for the Chicken skewers I'd made the previous weekend had only been burning for about an hour, and I'd dutifully extinguished them by closing the air vents. As this recipe also only required a quick grill, I popped the briquettes back in to my starter chimney and re-lit them. 

While the BBQ was getting up to temperature I prepped the other ingredients. The salad is a really simple combination of sliced ripe tomato and a lettuce leaf of your choice. Personally I like the crunch that only an iceberg has, and I prefer mine to be shredded. And as I was cooking – that's what we had! :-)

The pitta breads are halved length ways, and then opened up, ready to receive their filling. 8 thighs will make roughly 8-10 portions, so you'll need 4-5 pittas.

The thighs needed roughly 10 minutes over direct heat, with the lid down of course, turning occasionally. They're done when they're completely opaque, and you can usually tell by their texture as they firm up during cooking.

After they had cooled for a couple of minutes, I sliced them into strips, added them to large bowl and added enough dressing to give the meat a light covering. This was then added to the pitta breads, along with the salad and presented on a serving plate for everyone to tuck in!

A brilliant meal for a long hot summer evening, here's hoping we have some this summer! :-)


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