Monday, 19 March 2012

026 - Steak Pizzaiola and Chips

Sometimes, you just can't beat a good steak cooked over flaming coals! And what accompanies a steak better, than chips? This was another weber recipe, from their Foolproof book. The steak is served with a spicy tomato based sauce, and even that is started on the BBQ...

Number 26 in the list of 100 Things to BBQ, Steak Pizzaiola and Chips!

The recipe calls for sirloin, but the butcher I use at my local market had sold out by the time I'd visited them that afternoon. He did offer some lovely slabs of rump steak though - so that is what I used for this recipe. I've absolutely nothing against supermarket meat, I buy a lot of it myself, and some of it is really good - but personally, I enjoy going to the butchers and selecting the cut I want. I like the theatre and the experience that picking up a pre-packed tray can't deliver.


Anyway, back to the subject in hand!

To make the sauce, the tomatoes first need to be peeled. To do this, they are placed over direct heat until the skins start to blacken and blister. Usually I would just blanch them, but this method is much more fun... because it involves fire! :-)


After they have been peeled, de-seeded and chopped, the tomatoes are fried off with some garlic and a little olive oil. Some herbs and chilli flakes are then added to give it a healthy kick.

Onto the steak next, which is very simply seasoned before being grilled over direct high heat for a few minutes with the lid down as much as possible and turning only once. A famous UK TV chef has recently proclaimed that this method is wrong and that the steak should be flipped every 15 seconds to avoid either side getting too cold during the cooking process. My steak tasted great, and I only flipped it once - no faffing required! :-) What I believe is more important than the cooking method itself, and this goes for any meat, is to allow the steak to rest properly before serving.


So while it was resting, lightly covered with foil, I got the chips cooking. The potatoes were sliced into thin french fries, coated with a little olive oil and seasoned lightly with sea salt. These were then cooked over direct heat using a perforated grill pan.


The chips ended up a little under done, and to be honest, whist I'm happy I tried this method, I'm not sure if I'd bother doing chips on the BBQ again when they're so much better either fried or roasted in the oven. The steak was really tasty though and the sauce packs a zingy punch thanks to the chilli - yum! :-)



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