Sunday, 10 June 2012

030 - Souvlaki Lamb Skewers

I love cooking on the BBQ…

Nothing like stating the obvious! But as much as I love letting large cuts of meat cook on the BBQ for hours, tending to the coals, topping up the wood and basting the meat… sometimes I just don’t have time. So number 30 in the list of 100 things to BBQ are quick and simple lamb skewers with corainder and garlic. This recipe is from Weber’s Complete BBQ book.

Prepping the skewers can be done while you are waiting for your charcoal to get up to temperature. So if you only use half a chimney of briquettes, you can have these skewers ready to eat within half an hour of starting!

I prefer to use the Smokey Joe for quick grilling cooks, since it uses a lot less charcoal – which means it takes less time for all of your charcoal to get up to temperature.

The recipe called for a whole leg of lamb, which is then diced into bite sized pieces. But since I was only cooking for 2 people and didn’t need a whole leg I just bought some pre-packed diced lamb. The cubes of meat are threaded on to skewers, alternating with cherry tomatoes and pieces of green pepper. The whole skewer is then brushed with a mixture of chopped fresh coriander, garlic, olive oil and seasoning.

These were then grilled over a medium to high heat, keeping the lid on as much as possible but turning once or twice, for 7-8 minutes. Served with a tzatziki-style cucumber salad, these make a really tasty and really quick summer evening meal.

Since the grill time was so short, I was able to extinguish the briquettes and re-use them the next time I got the BBQ out… which was the very next day! :-)


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