Wednesday, 29 August 2012

032 - Sausage Calzone on the BBQ

I really enjoyed making pizzas on the BBQ with weber’s pizza stone so in this post I make a folded version. Number 32 in the list of 100 things to BBQ... Calzone!

I chose to make a sausage calzone as a nod of acknowledgement to the staple product of most British BBQs (and still one of my favourites...), the sausage in a bun :-) These were cooked on the BBQ while some peppers and onions were fried in olive oil until soft.

The bread machine was dusted off and put to good use again to produce the dough. I actually made enough dough to make garlic pizza bread as well. But after an experiment using the pizza stone without the included baking tray – these had to be binned! That stone gets hot..! And my anticipated thin and crispy garlic pizza bread quickly turned into a burnt mess without the protection of the tray… I won’t be trying that again :-)

After shaping the dough, I spread passata over most of the surface, leaving a border around the edge. Then arranged the sliced cooked sausage, peppers, onions and mozzarella balls over one half of the bases before folding over the other half and crimping the edges with a fork.

After the garlic bread incident I was sure to use the tray to cook these. I also planned to flip the calzone half way through to try and get an even colour on the crust. Normally, I don’t think flipping would be required – but I found that I struggled to get a decent colouring on top of my pizzas last time as the vast majority of the heat comes from underneath.

After a few minutes on each side these were ready to eat. Hot sweet peppers and onions, meaty sausages and gooey cheese all mixed with a tomatoey sauce and wrapped in a crispy and doughy shell... what’s not to like really? :-)


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