Wednesday, 19 September 2012

034 - Grilled Apricot Dessert

When I made the switch from pre-soaked bags of flinty-charcoal, to decent briquettes – one of the first things I noticed was how much longer they kept their heat. It meant that even after I had finished cooking, the BBQ was still roasting hot. So, if you don’t think it’s worth shutting down and relighting the remaining charcoal at a later date, but also don’t want to waste all that heat, what do you do...? Cook even more food of course! BBQ Desserts! :-)

Number 34 on the list of 100 things to BBQ, is Grilled Apricots served with ice cream, caramel sauce and shortbread. This is from Weber’s Barbecue Anytime book.

This recipe couldn’t be simpler – there is hardly any prep. The apricots are halved, stones removed and placed on the grill. Be sure to clean the grill first with a decent brush – nobody wants burnt bits of meat in their dessert! Flip them every few minutes to make sure they don’t catch - you’re really just warming them through and removing some of the raw-ness from the skins.

While they’re on the grill, scoop a couple of balls of ice-cream into each serving bowl. For the caramel sauce, I used Nestle’s tinned Carnation Caramel and beat it in a bowl until I achieved the desired consistency.

Then, add your apricot halves to the bowls (3 or 4 halves per serving is about right), drizzle over the caramel sauce and crumble over some shop bought short bread.

A really simple dessert, that with a little effort on presentation, can give really good results. And a great way to make the most of the heat your BBQ is still kicking out :-)


  1. Wow! This is another fresh knowledge especially for moms who are fond of cooking. Who could imagine that a barbeque grill can bring out another masterpiece recipe.

  2. That just looks so yummy! Thanks for giving the idea of prepping up a dessert using my Barbecue grill! I would surely give it a try.