Tuesday, 26 February 2013

036 - Bake a Pie in a BBQ

Our oven recently decided to stop working. And even though our landlord arranged for a replacement pretty quickly, we were without a working oven for a few days. Ordinarily, this would result in a lot of fried, microwaved and even take-away meals! But if you happen to have a couple of nice pies in the fridge, that can’t be microwaved… AND you happen to be BBQ mad… there’s another outcome! :-)

As a side note, getting the new oven fitted revealed a couple of “quirks” about the electrics in the house, which may explain why the last one gave up after only 2 years… but that’s another story! 

The pies in question are from Higgidy. They’re really tasty, and (in my humble opinion) far better than the usual fare of pies to be found in the chilled aisles. If you’re interested, you can find your local stockist on their website: http://www.higgidy.co.uk/. My favourite is the Beef, Ale and Stilton Pie – with the mash top. 

As with most pies, these came part cooked and needed to be heated for 25 minutes at 180 degrees C. So I filled the starter chimney up to roughly two thirds full. And once they had all lit, I arranged them all in an even layer on one side of the BBQ. Incidentally, because it’s winter the UK when I did this it meant I was BBQing under the one outside light we have – which leads to some pretty cool night-time BBQ photos :-)

I set up the BBQ with all vents open, placing my thermometer on the opposite side to the coals, where the Pies eventually would be placed. The first reading was quite high at 250 degrees C, so I closed the top vents gradually and kept re-checking until the desired temperature was achieved. I’d recommend one of these stand thermometers to everyone – they've even useful for checking what temperature your oven is actually running at (when they’re working…!). 

25 minutes later, out came two tasty pies heated all the way through… who needs an oven! I think the temperature was still quite high when I initially placed them in, because the mash topping was a little scorched, but it didn't spoil the flavour. 

Leave a comment below telling me what other unusual things you have cooked/heated on the BBQ. 


  1. This is very creative. Baking a pie in a barbecue grill is something new to me. Thank you very much for this interesting post.

  2. Pie in a barbecue grill ? What a nice idea for a bbq lover. :)